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Au p'tit matin (Published Taklit)

Performed by the Academy of Paris choir, Christina Marocco and Etienne Girardin at the Theatre Silvia Monfort. Excerpt from “Searching for Stars.”

Ô reine (Published by Taklit)

Performed by students from the Rameau Conservatory Paris 6ème. Excerpt from “Searching for Stars.”

Mr. Perrichon's Journey
(Published by Taklit) Based on Eugène Labiche’s play, "Le voyage de Monsieur Perrichon". Libretto and music by L. Grynszpan. Excerpts performed by the students from Rognoni and Henri IV schools.

Documentary "Birobidjan, Birobidjan!" (Editions Cézame) Written & directed by Marek Halter Production MB Grupp Moscow "Veyn nicht mein Kind" poem Perl Halter, music Laurent Grynszpan. Interpretation Talila.

CD: Olivier Minne raconte "A Quand le Cancan, si j'étais Jacques Offenbach"

Label LittleVillage (harmonia mundi), Published by Taklit). Music and arrangements L. Grynszpan

CD: Who Stole the Alphabet?

(Published by Taklit) Arr. Grynszpan L. Excerpt from the collection “Je donne ma langue au chant!”

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