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Musique du film, contes musicaux

Laurent Grynszpan, pianist, improviser, and composer, is a musician who knows how to read words and images.

This magnificent melodist composes songs with such tenderness and humility that the music intertwines with the lyrics, phrases and breathing, without any fuss and with a finesse and understanding so deep that the music and the text become inseperable. In a theatrical piece around works by George Méliès, Laurent improvises.

of the musical history of "the epoch" and its spirit, but always knowing how to escape pastiche; and all this discreetly, looking like nothing, but with such a presence. It is then the harmonic inventiveness, the rhythmic flexibility, the accuracy of the "Well seen! Of course! ", Coupled with brilliant piano virtuosity, but without any ostentation, which arouse the enthusiasm of both the audience and its stage partners.

Anne Quesemand,  Author,  Director

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