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Betsy Schlesinger, American pianist, is passionate about music, theatre and the creation of original projects. She recorded her first album Recueil de Pierres Vives,  pieces for solo piano by the French composer Joël Wissotzky (Cezame Argile). In an interview marking the release of this album, Jean-Jacques Bernard (France-Inter) said: "It's just beautiful, it's airy, with great fluidity ...".


Betsy Schlesinger's career is also closely linked to that of Laurent Grynszpan with whom she recorded Universal Music Publishing's Souvenirs de la Belle Epoque original arrangements for piano four hands by Laurent Grynszpan and several CDs for children, including the audio book À Quand le Cancan? Oliver Minne raconte (harmonia mundi, Taklit Production) based on works by Offenbach.

The couple joined the Théâtre à Bretelles in 2009 playing in Méliès! Cabaret Magique, a retrospective on the work of Georges Méliès mixing cinema, music, magic and theater. This show, whose music is written by Laurent Grynszpan, has benefited from the help of Madeleine Malthète Méliès and Serge Bromberg from Lobster Films. It has been produced more than two hundred times throughout France, including the Théâtre de la Vieille Grille in Paris and the OFF Festival Avignon 2017.

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